company profiles

Young, strong and competent

"We are what we repeatedly do. So excellence is not a single act, but in behavior "(Aristotle)


It 's easy to hear a comment like this from our partners when they talk about TEKNOMEGA. And we know well the value of our work and the satisfaction of our customers confirms it day by day.



So we think not enough to sell and acquire customers for a large company.
This is why we value our service, why not let customers but partners which provide our know-how and reliable products such as components for the wiring of electrical panels, fastening systems for electrical installations and fixing systems for photovoltaic Last product family included, with great success.



A new way of doing business: the penalty resulting from long experience in multinational companies and attention to market demand as people who work there.

The progress of TEKNOMEGA is based on creativity and passion that we devote to our service: this allows us to cultivate a sense of pride about the high level of satisfaction that we find in our partners.

Customer Satisfaction

This is the satisfaction that sustains us and nourishes the determination to continue to get involved and to renew ourselves, accepting the challenges that the market launch.


A winning team

Founded in 2004 by a group of managers, technical and commercial experience in the field of electrical and panel builders, in 2006 TEKNOMEGA boasted a budget of absolute respect that continues to grow over time.

This is thanks to the dedication and the pleasure of working with people who work there, officers, employees and workers, a team able to begin each morning with a smile and be happy to share the results of the company, drawing from this way of being and activity , good reason to work hard with heart, head and method.