General management

Managing Director

Maurizio Mercandelli

Mr. Maurizio Mercandelli       
  Chairman and
  Managing Director


"" So young yet so solid: this kind of comment is likely to be
heard when our partners mention Teknomega. We issued
our first invoice in July 2004, and in 2006 already
Teknomega could claim quite a distinguished balance
sheet; still growing.
Teknomega's progression optimally couples the versatility
and creativity of the Italian people with the professional
approach of a new way of doing entrepreneurship.
This comes from the long experiences we gained with
multinational companies and the high level of
satisfaction we find in our customers allows us to
cultivate a bit of pride.
This satisfaction supports and forges the way we interpret
entrepreneurship. A happy customer will encourage us to
strive forwards, to risk in the market. We also find
motivation in the fact that this approach makes
Teknomega a place where it is pleasant to operate, i.e.
where this style gives the people who work here valid
motivations to work harder and to start every morning with
a smile.""