Electrical Equipment for Panel Boards

Electrical Components for Electrical Panels Cabling

Electrical equipment for panel boardsThe Teknomega's Low Voltage Power Distribution System constitute a complete Range of High Quality Electrical Equipment to Insulate, Support, Distribute and Conduct Electric Power inside Low Voltage Panel Boards.

The Teknomega Electrical Equipment for Panel Boards is a Complete and Universal System for every Low Voltage Electrical Panel and is designed for rated current values from 100 to 4000 Amps.

Discover the wide range of our Electrical equipment and components for cabling.


Flexible Insulated Busbar Ω FLEX
Easy and quick to band, Flexible Insulated Busbars Increase Electric Power Carriage for a given Cross-Section, Saving Time, Costs, Weight and Volume inside Electrical Panels
Flexible Electrical Braid Shunts Ω LINK
The QUICKEST and MOST CONVENIENT solution for electric connections from 125 to 630 A, designed for best connection to the most widespread switch-gears' poles
Copper and Aluminium Busbars
In configuring a bar distribution system, two metals are currently used as conductors in electric panel boards: copper and aluminum.
Busbar Support
Teknomega Bus bar Supports allow to sustain efficiently and conveniently all Copper or Aluminium Bar Systems to be made inside an electric cabinet
Repartition Supports
Three-poles and Four-poles Repartition Supports to make derivations and wiring within Electrical Panels and Equipment, with direct mounting onto the Electrical Panel structure or DIN Rail
Modular Distribution Ω Blocks
A full range of Distribution Blocks and Terminals Ω BLOCK for electrical connections and distributions from 40 A to 500 A, ready to install on DIN rail or plate
Low Voltage Stand-Off Insulators
Stand-Off Insulators provide High Mechanical Strength and Excellent Insulation Capacity in supporting conductors, spacer or stiffening elements in systems of conductive copper or aluminium bars and housing electrical equipment
Copper Braids
Copper braids are used as Super Flexible Conductor for all Electric Connection Requirements, including power, earthing and equipotential connections
Cabling Sleeves
Braided Sleeves for All Electric Cable Wiring Applications: Insulation, mechanical protection, protection against corrosion and high temperatures
DIN Rails and Profiles
Steel and Aluminium DIN Rails for installation of modular and not modular Electric Devices inside Panel Board and Electric Equipments
Wiring Accessories
Accessories have to meet the same quality standards of the main elements: Teknomega offers a wide range of Brass Clamp, Metal and Plastic Spacers, Plastic Caps and Inserts Cable opening
Special Connection POWER
Special Electrical Connections, Braid Power Shunts up to 1200 mm2, Laminated Power Shunts in Copper with Press-welded or Riveted Terminals