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The Fixing Components perform an essential function in terms of the reliability of the entire installation structure; in fact, they represent the link between the concrete (or metal load-bearing) structure and the components of the installation that run throughout the building. TEKNOMEGA offers an Innovative Fixing Components and Fastening Solutions range that meet the Highest Quality Standards, to completely satisfy most of the fastening installation needs within a Valuable Time and Cost Saving.

  • The Ω CLIP Spring Clips, tested to support loads up to 90 kg (safety rate 3:1), represent the ideal solution to join load-bearing and non load-bearing metal structures with the majority of the components used for both Electric and Mechanical Installations, through the usage of just only an Hammer or a Screwdriver.
  • The Ω STRUT Steel Channels, designed to support loads up to 2000 kg (verify relative datas in function of specific component and installation characteristics) allow to Fix, Support or Suspend Electrical Installations, Hydraulic Plants and Mechanical Components to Concrete Structures or to create self-Suspension systems like Cable Trays, Air Ducts, Pipe Ducts.
  • The Ω STRUT Steel Profiles and Steel Cantilevers, also combined with the other Fixing Components in the TEKNOMEGA range, are versatile and necessary tools for Electrical and Mechanical Plant Designers, Installers and Assemblers.
  • The C-Clamps, Pipe Clamps, Collars - Concrete Beam Clamps are the most convenient Fixing Components to fix to structures, both Metallic and Concrete, Cable Trays, Piping, Air Ducts. A rich range of Accessories allow to resolve the most difficult Installation's problems, combining Ω CLAMPS and Ω STRUT Clamps with all other products of TEKNOMEGA Fastening Division.
Spring steel fasteners
An Easy and Quick System for Fastening onto metal structures: a simple hammer blow or a screwdriver turn are all that is needed for a solid and reliable fastening solution
Fixing structures
Steel Channels, profiles, Steel Cantilevers and connection brackets which, almost like a "Meccano", create truly Quick and Safe Fastening Structures
Clamps and collars Ω CLAMP
Collars and Clamps in different materials for easy and safe operation of fixing on steel structures orn concrete beams. No welding, drilling or operations that may endanger or weaken structural integrity
Steel suspension cable Ω ZIP
An Innovative Suspension System with Adjustable Steel Cable combined with terminal blocks and quick fixing, for suspension from 10 kg to 230 kg whith 5:1 safety factor
Fastening Solutions

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