Spring Steel Fasteners CLIP

Quick Fasteners solution

Fixing System ClipThe Ω CLIP range of quick fasteners is the ideal solution to join load-bearing and non load-bearing metal structures with most components used for both electric and mechanical plants. The Need to Fix on Metal Structures Electrical Equipments or Mechanical Installations as Cables Trays, Cable Trays wire, Bus Ducts, Lighting Elements, Air Ducts, Fire Proof Systems, etc. is not a problem anymore thanks to Quick Spring Steel Clips System Ω CLIP.

QUICKNESS: simple and quick assembly represents a significant saving in terms of time, giving installation technician the opportunity to save effort and, above all, to save money.
RANGE: a vast range of references and combinations, well suited to all technical problems.
SAFETY AND CONVENIENCE: no drilling or welding is needed on the structure; no special tools or skills are required to install these solutions.
USAGE: fitting all the Ω CLIP components is easy and quick: a simple hammer blow or a screwdriver turn are all that is needed to create a solid and reliable fastening solution.
LOADS: all the components of the Ω CLIP range of fasteners are tested and checked at random before packing. The loads indicated in the tables consider a 3:1 safety coefficient.
MATERIAL USED: spring steel as per DIN 17222 (UNI-EN 10132-4); after treatment, this steel reaches a HRc 43 ÷ 50 hardness value.

Type A patented finish: for indoor, outdoor applications in damp and mildly corrosive environments.

  • Non-electrolytic zinc and aluminium lining, deposited and bonded on steel through a chemical reaction.
  • Non-hydrogenated lining (without electrolytic or acid de-scaling).
  • Electric conductivity. High resistance to temperature. Range of use +5°C ÷ +35°C.
  • No Chrome VI or Chrome III. High protection against cathodic corrosion.
  • Visual appearance : Grey - Silver.

** Upon request, also available with black phosphated Zinc.

All products are tested in salt mist for up to 480 hours (as per DIN 50021).

A simple hammer blow or a screwdriver turn are all that is needed to create a solid and reliable fastening solution with Teknomega Spring Steel Clip © CLIP - Loudness Application

SUGGESTIONS: The load bearing ratings indicated in the catalog must be taken as the indication of a static, vertical load applied to the structure with a "± 15°max. slope". When two or more fastening components are combined together, the lowest of the two load bearing ratings must be considered. If the structure on which the element is fitted has a lower load bearing rating than that of the element, this will determine the maximum applicable load rating.

Spring Steel Fasteners Components

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