Fixing System for Photovoltaic Installations

Photovoltaic and Solar installation components: a New World to "Fix"

Fixing System for Photovoltaic InstallationsThanks to its wide knowledge of the Industrial Fixing System, TEKNOMEGA has studied Ω-Solar, a new program dedicated to the Solar and Photovoltaic System Installation Components.

Ω-Solar, Long Lasting Fastening Solution, is dedicated to the fixing of all Photovoltaic Installation Components to the centre structure in the various applications, on flat roof or pitched roof, always providing the Most Appropriate Solution.

In the Ω-Solar Fixing Catalogue for Photovoltaic and Solar Installation, you will find innumerable fixing components due to solve all the different site problems; complying with standard and following the reliability and the style which distinguishes TEKNOMEGA brand.

Ω-Solar Aluminium Profiles and the Strut Steel ones allow the realization of specific structures and the quick and precise fixing of cable and electrical components. A large range of Brackets for Profile ensure the Structural and Mechanical Continuity between either Fixing Profiles or Profiles and Framework.

For the production of the Products Fixing Solar Panels have been used the following materials and heat treatments:

  •  ALU ⇒ Aluminium Alloy 6060 (EN AW-ALMGSi-UNI EN 573 / 3): excellent resistance to stress and lightweight
  •  Z ⇒ Hot galvanized steel (EN10025-5235 JR UNI EN ISO 1461): galvanized steel (60-80 microns) by immersion in zinc bath (450-460 ° C
  • S + V  ⇒ Sendzimir + Powder Coating: galvanized Sendzimir (UNI EN 1327-DX51D) with a further coating of polyester powder coatings. Improved corrosion resistance and choice of RAL colours for materials in the catalogue
  •  SS ⇒ Stainless Steel AISI 304 and AISI 430: unbeatable durability, important especially for the brackets of Photovoltaic.

Visit the products pages to learn about technical characteristics, methods and examples of use.

Metallic profiles and couplers
Ω-Solar Aluminium Profiles, Strut Steel Channels and Stainless Steel Profiles allow the realization of specific structures, quick and precise fixing of cable, electrical component and guarantee lightness, reliability and long lasting durability
Photovoltaic panel jaws
Ω-Solar for fastening of all Photovoltaic Installation Components on flat roof or pitched roof through appropriate Jaws for Side Fitting and Intermediate Fastening
Steel brackets sloped roofs
To Fixing Photovoltaic Panels Easy and Fast on Sloped Roofs, Teknomega realized specific fixed and changeable Steel Brackets with different dimensions and shapes, for mounting both on Wood or Cement Pitched Roof
Fastening solutions for metal decking
Ω Solar system: full range of fastening solution for metal decking, a complete family of screws, clamp and brackets, for most various photovoltaic applications (on flat roof, on fretted sheets or on sloped roof)
Fastening structure on flat roof
Teknomega offers a range of specific solutions to solve the different installation problem: simple and easy to assemble steel brackets for fastening structure on flat roofs
Steel brackets for STRUT profile
In the Ω Solar Fixing Catalogue you will find innumerable fixing components due to solve all the different site problems like metallic brackets for Strut channels
Bolts and screws
Metallic Accessories as bolts, profile nuts, screws and couplers that complete the Solar Installation elements, making all the fixing activities easy and fast
Photovoltaic fastener accessories
Photovoltaic Fastener accessories like plastic plugs and neoprene gaskets that complete our innovative and easy to use Solar Installation system and ensure accuracy and high quality
Application Examples
Here are examples of common installation and some typical installations of photovoltaic systems on roofs of homes or commercial and industrial buildings