Panel supporting triangle vertical module

Panel supporting triangle vertical module

Triangle of support vertically for use with ballast for mounting solar panels on flat roofs.

Triangle bracket vertical ballast Diagram triangle stand upright with weight
Photovoltaic Panel support for Flat Roof to fix by drilling Support for Photovoltaic Panel on Flat Roof FVT2511

Triangle vertical module

Code Reference "A" Angle F  
FVT1511 FVT-TRG-R-EVO 30°- 35°- 40°- 45° AL 1

Code FVT1511 to be used together with a concrete ballast (FVT1457) or
ballast tank (FVT1455)

Code FVT2511 to be used only where you can drill or fixed (chemical shim

Photovoltaic Panel Fastening using FTV2511

Projection H max. 30 cm using the fixing profile H 41 with module 1660x990 – th. 50