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Panel Boards Components The Electrical Components for Cabling of Electrical Panels of TEKNOMEGA constitute a complete range of High Quality Electrical Equipment to Insulate, Support, Distribute and Conduct Electric Power inside Low Voltage Panel Boards. TEKNOMEGA Components for Low Voltage Panel Boards meet the latest Electrical Standards; a complete Solution System of Electrical Components and Electrical Equipment Connections designed for Panel Board Designers and Electrical Panel Builders. TEKNOMEGA Electrical Components for Low Voltage Panels Cabling are available at the Best Distributor Centres and Electrical Wholesalers. Fastening SolutionsThe Fixing Components of TEKNOMEGA Fastening Division are designed for Suspending, Supporting and Fastening Electrical, Hydraulic, Heating and Ventilation Installations to Building Structures, saving both installation time and high cost hang-ups. A Complete Range of Flexible and Versatile Fixing Components to Suspend or Support from Light Loads up to more than 2500 kg Loads. The TEKNOMEGA Fixing Components include Quick Fastener Spring Steel Clips, Strut Steel Profiles (Strut Channels) and Strut Cantilevers, Beam Clamps and Tubing Clamps, protected by Anticorrosion Coating like Electrolytic Galvanizing, Sendzimir or Hot-Deep Galvanizing, Stainless Steel. High Manufacturing Controls and Severe Production Tests, guarantee to Professional Designers and Installers a Steady Safety and Quality Level of the whole range of TEKNOMEGA Fastening Components.


Photovoltaic fixing system TEKNOMEGA, taking advantage of its wide knowledge of the Industrial Fixing System has realized a new program dedicated to the Photovoltaic and Solar World. To fix every single part of the system to the supporting framework, we have crated Ω Solar, a Long Lasting Fastening Solution that assure Quality and Reliability of Fixing Components. TEKNOMEGA Ω Solar - Fixing Range covers several applications on flat roof or pitched roof, always providing the Most Appropriate Solution.


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If you need to realize  low- voltage busbar system, a distribution kit, or if you need to determine a flexible connection, now you can count on ΩWARE

Through  ΩWARE you can calculate electrical parameters, select products for a specific project, calculate the right distances for a specific installation, compose the bill of material  of the chosen  products, see the pricelist, the catalog and the operating instructions. Immediate and intuitive, ΩWARE will guide you in the selection of products, saving you time and avoiding errors.

Compatible with Windows XP-7-8 operating system  (no Apple system)
Disk space: approximately 180MB
Estimated download time : 5 to 40 minutes depending on connectivity

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