Panel Boards Components TEKNOMEGA PANEL BOARD DIVISION is a complete and synergic range of components for low voltage electric panel board assembling. Upon determining the structure and electromechanic equipment, TEKNOMEGA proposes a wide range with the great advantage of being assisted by a qualified partner with ample field experience. The main goal is to propose the most universal solutions possible, so that they can be used on all panel board structures on the market. What TEKNOMEGA proposes complies with reference standards as well as with the requirements of the recent guidelines relevant to the safety and materials used. Many products in this catalog have been electrically and mechanically TESTED and PROVEN. The catalog products are normally available at warehouses;
TEKNOMEGA can also meet requests of "special" or "customized" products with competence, flexibility and quickness.

Fastening Solutions FASTENING TECHNIQUES and solutions for industrial plants in the most various areas of plant engineering, are the uniting link between the carrying structure and the plant components which run along it. TEKNOMEGA's credentials to the market are those of a company with a specialized competence in the field of Fastening Systems, merging specific support during the design step and a network of select Distributors which makes possible to efficiently meet all the requests from the sites. An offer whose strength comes from a wide range of innovative products, certified, and complying with the highest quality standards. Teknomega study strategies which allows them to meet the widest needs of sites, guaranteeing to the final users a considerable advantage in terms of time and money saving.

Photovoltaic Fixing System TEKNOMEGA PHOTOVOLTAIC FIXING SYSTEM.The development of alternative sources of energy is strictly related to the search for solutions which helps reduce dependance from raw materials such as oil, gas and coal. To solve the problems caused by the "old" sources of energy, ecological programs have been launched to encourage low environmental impact solutions; a shining example is the making of photovoltaic plants in all shapes. The core of the plant is made of modules which use the sun's energy to produce direct current, of inverters which turn it into alternate current to be sent into the electric network, of counters which measure both the energy produced and transmitted. This is where Teknomega come in. Taking advantage of our extended knowledge in the field of "Industrial Fastening Systems", we designed a new program for the benefit of the Photovoltaic world. All the plant's parts must be fastened to the bearing structure; we created solutions conceived for duration, thus guaranteeing quality and reliability to all components.