Co-Flex EN


Teknomega expands its product range of components for low voltage panels
with Co-flex, the new and advanced insulated copper bar 4.0

Co-flex is the best alternative to electric cables or solid copper bars in the connection of electrical devices, transformers and/or electrical panel boards and busducts.

Co-flex added value
RoHS compliant RoHS compliant
Major flexibility Major flexibility
Innovative packaging Innovative packaging
Dielectric test on all manufacturing process Dielectric test on all manufacturing process
Identification lines Identification lines
Traceability and identification codes Traceability and identification codes
Co-flex range
Traduzione di Co-flex
Traduzione di Co-flex

The insulated flexible copper bar, Co-flex, is manufactured in a new and advanced manufacturing plant in Italy. Co-flex, the only “bi-color” flexible bar (patented), distinguishes also itself  for the high flexibility and excellent look.

Traduzione di Co-flex Plus
Traduzione di Co-flex Plus

The high performance version, Co-flex Plus, is manufactured using tinned electrolytic copper laminates, insulated with a brand new high performance polymer and grants the same electrical conduction and flexibility of Co-flex. Co-flex Plus is halogen free, flame resistant and has low smoke emission.

Traduzione di Co-flex Color
Traduzione di Co-flex Color

The exclusive bi-color insulation finish (patented) improves connections aesthetics, making their identification easier.
The coloured lines (standard white for Co-flex and light blue for Co-flex Plus) might be realized on request with different colors in order to identify phases, or according to the company color, or simply matching a desired aesthetic.


A bespoke packaging that overcomes the fragility of traditional packaging with elegance and care (patented). Made in pressed carton with high rigidity, prevents the bars from their typical flexing and supports them in any leaning position, making any handling to the working table easier.

It can be stored both horizontally and vertivally even in a small space, thanks to its rectangular shape.

Flexible bar advantages
Copper saving Copper saving
Dimensions saving Dimensions saving
Time saving Time saving