Our main features are: internationality, presence, updating, recognition, quality, R&D, promptness, reactivity, capillarity.



The attractiveness of Teknomega, of its range and its style, has rapidly pushed it beyond the national and uropean borders, making products available in over 60 Countries worldwide.




Both in domestic and foreign markets, in fairs and exhibitions, or through our efficient web site, with the sales force and our newsletters, we keep a high level of presence and communication with our customers.




Staying "up to date" as to regulations, techniques and technologies, paying attention to the trends of demand, being proponents of innovation, is part of Teknomega enterpreneurial style.




Teknomega has been awarded ISO9001:2015 certification which is more than just a piece of paper, it is the recognition of the validity of the operating and control system.



Research & Development

L’ impegno di Teknomega in fatto di qualità non è uno slogan: è uno stile, una scommessa sulla competitività stessa dell’azienda, un valore irrinunciabile nel Business to Business. L’apparato di Ricerca e Sviluppo è attivo sulla crescita dell’offerta, al fine di soddisfare un numero crescente di impieghi e mercati, che in Teknomega è obiettivo fondamentale.




The step which follows Customer Service is a wellorganized, efficient and computerized Logistic center which can flexibly react to the requests, backed by ample stores of all the items shown in the catalogue.



Customer Care

Our Customer Service has got personality. People who like their job at service of their customers, far from the call center logic; people who answer the needs of their interlocutors with wisdom and creativity.



Widespread availability

The partnership with selected Distributors of electrical equipment, and specialized importers worldwide, makes the availability of products, as well as interlocutors and informations, decentralized and widespread.