Grommet inserts

The grommet  inserts in rubber are used to close the holes between the different areas into the electrical equipment to avoid any possible penetration of humidity and dirt. 

Grommet inserts

Technical features

  • Material: PVC SR 1700, black colour
  • Working Temperature: - 35 to +90 °C

Inserti passacavo IPC

CodeReferenceA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)
IPC 1000    IPC-DF1317 13  8,527
IPC 1005IPC-DF15,5 2015,510,527,5
IPC 1010IPC-DF1924191428
IPC 1015IPC-DF20,52620,51528,5
IPC 1020IPC-DF23  29 23182,58,5
IPC 1025IPC-DF28,535 28,5222,59
IPC 1030IPC-DF37,5 4437,5 322,59,5
IPC 1035IPC-DF47,5 5347,5402,59,5

Packing: 100