Aluminium support channel and insulating blocks Ω TOP

The aluminium profile support, combined with the appropriate set of insulating frames and screws, can assemble the entire range of Ω TOP Bus Bar Supports for copper bars 5mm and 10 mm thick.


Used in pairs, thanks to the asymmetric shape, it forms a high mechanical resistance structure (for high horizontal loads)

Technical features

  • Material: non-magnetic aluminim
  • one code for all configurations
  • prepunched with 12.5 mm pitch.
  • length 2 meters

Aluminium support channel

Profilo di supporto omega top Profilo di supporto omega top doppio

CodeReferencePackingWeight (Kg)
TOP 1000TOP PR 200021,2

Blocks and screw set Ω TOP

The set is made of insulating blocks for 5 to 10 mm thick bars and of all the screws and tie-rods needed to make T (3-pole) or T+N (3-pole+neutral) configured bar support.

Set di blocchetti e viteria portabarre universale omega top Blocchetto isolante portabarre universale omega top

Blocks and screw set (tickness 5 mm)



Total No. Blocks

No. tie-rods

No. barsBar min-max H (mm)L (mm)
TOP1005TOP 2/5TT641÷230 - 12550
TOP1010TOP 2/5TNT+N851÷230-12550
TOP1015TOP 4/5TT641÷430-12575
TOP1020TOP 4/5TNT+N851÷430-12575

Blocks and screw set (tickness 10 mm)



Total No. Blocks

No. tie-rods

No. barsBar min-max H (mm)L (mm)
TOP1025TOP 1/10TT64130 - 12050
TOP1030TOP 1/10TNT+N85130-12050
TOP1035TOP 2/10TT641÷230-12075
TOP1040TOP 2/10TNT+N851÷230-12075
TOP1045TOP 3/10TT641÷330-120100
TOP1050TOP 3/10TNT+N851÷330-120100
TOP1052TOP 4/10TT661÷430-120125
TOP1053TOP 4/10TNT+N881÷430-120125


To make a bar support in 3-pole+Neutral(TN), with 2 bars per phase, 10 mm thick = 2/10 TN

  • Aluminium rail TOP1000
  • Set of blocks and screws TOP1040.

Configure the distance between the channels by Ω WARE software