Support channel and insulating block Ω FLAT

Made in extruded PVC 2 meters long. Working temperature up to 85°C.

Support channel and insulating block Ω FLAT

Quick fitting to the panel board structure by means of hex socket head cap screws M6x25, to be used after punching the bottom guiding rail.

Ω FLAT - Bar support

Profilo di supporto portabarre piano omega flat

CodeReferencePackingWeight (Kg)
FLT1000FLT PR 200021,90

Insulating blocks and screws

The set consists of insulating blocks, hammer head screws M8x45, hexagonal nuts M8 and insulating nut caps. Complete with hex socket head cap screws M6x25 to fasten rail FLT1000 and plastic caps to insulate the head screws M6x25.


Set di blocchetti e viteria portabarre piano omega flat Blocchetti isolanti portabarre omega flat

CodeReferencePhasesNº L blocksNº T blockss min-max (mm)H min-max (mm)Spacing between phases (mm)
FLT1015FLT LT-TT225-1030-100H + 20
FLT1025FLT LL-TT6 -≥ H + 40


To make a bar support configuration 3-pole + Neutral (Phases=T+N) at MINIMUN distance between phases (=H+20 mm) select:

  • Support rail FLT1000
  • Insulating blocks and screws  FLT1020.