Universal busbar support Ω TOP

The universal bus bar support Ω TOP is supplied pre-assembled for 400 mm to 600 mm cabinets depth, or as build-able kits to suit your needs, thanks to the use of only two components: the aluminium profile support and a full set of fixing blocks within hardware and everything needed for installation of the bus bar.

Universal busbar support Ω TOP

Technical features

  • Adjustable Distance between phases
  • Exceptional resistance to short-circuits
  • Prepunched support rail in non-magnetic aluminum
  • Bar thickness from 5mm to 10 mm

Insulating blocks

  • Made in PA 66 reinforced 30% Fiberglass
  • 30% Fiberglass
  • Self-extinguishing as per UL 94-V0
  • Colour Black
  • Halogen free


  • Non-magnetic Aluminium alloy EN AW-6060


  • In compliance with IEC 61439-2 regulation
  • tested in ACAEIA01 laboratory
  • CERTIFIED ACAE-LOVAG No A15.001 - A15.002 - A15.003
  • Mechanical resistance tests on insulating block.

Portabarre universale omega top prova meccanica Portabarre universale omega top