Busbar clamps

The Bus bar clamps allow direct connection between rigid copper bar systems or with insulated flexible bars, without punching and bolting.

Busbar clamps

The galvanized  bus bar clamps allow an easy and quick connection between the copper bars, till a maximum  tickness of 20 mm, ensuring the best electrical contact.

Technical features

  • Electrolytic galvanized steel

  • Plate thickness 5 mm

  • Supplied screws

  • Max. tightening thickness 20 mm

Busbar clamps for solid and flexible bars SBR

Serrabarre rettangolari per barre piene e flessibili

CodeReferenceE (mm)C (mm)A (mm)B (mm)Ø - M (mm)(Nm)
SBR1000SBR 50x24522677518,5-M810
SBR1005SBR 50x32523477598,5-M810
SBR1010SBR 50x40524277678,5-M810
SBR1015SBR 80x248226107518,5-M810
SBR1020SBR 80x328234107598,5-M810
SBR1025SBR 80x508252107778,5-M810


 Busbar clamps for solid and flexible bars SBQ

Serrabarre quadrati per barre piene e flessibili

CodeReferenceE (mm)C (mm)A (mm)B (mm)Ø - M (mm)(Nm)
SBQ1000SBQ 30x30323253536,5-M610
SBQ1005SBQ 40x40426363636,5-M610
SBQ1010SBQ 50x50525277778,5-M810
SBQ1015SBQ 63x63656590908,5-M810
SBQ1020SBQ 80x80828211511510,5-M1010
SBQ1025SBQ 100x10010210213513510,5-M1010

Packing: 4