Direct hook-up distribution block on copper busbars

Brass distribution block for 5 and 10 mm thick copper bars. Made of:  8-output distribution block for direct connection on 25 mm pitch prepunched bars, with hex socket head cap screws;  no-punching connection unit on solid copper bar



  • The connection unit can be used as a guide to make punching the 5 and 10 mm thick bars easier.

  • Simple and quick derivations with cables up to 16 and/or 25 mm2 (with ferrule) that can be used up to 400 A.

  • Spacing two or three pre-punched bars becomes simple using the connection unit as a guide.

Use with solid bar

  • Use both the units
  • two mounting possibilities

Screw sets M8 not included

Use with prepunched bar

  • Use only the distribution block unit on single bar phase systems
  • use both units on multi bar phase systems.

Ripartitore a innesto diretto su barre di rame

CodeReferenceWeight (kg)A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)C1 (mm)D (mm)(Nm)
BOC1000BOC RIP 8*0,225030 - 22 -  - 
BOC1005BOC KIT 8 - 5**0,39503037225 10
BOC1010BOC KIT 8 - 10***0,51503052221010

Packing: 12

* 8 output distribution block unit
** 8 output distribution block unit + connection unit on 5 mm thick bar
*** 8 output distribution block unit + connection unit on 10 mm thick bar"

CodeIN/OUTStripped cable sect. (mm²)Cable sect. with ferrule  (mm²)NoØ (mm)(Nm)
OUT2,5 ÷ 252,5 ÷ 16473
OUT4 ÷ 354 ÷ 25493,5