Tubular braids in tinned copper

Tubular braids in tinned copper in coils, braids length 25 and 50 meters with cross-section 5 mm² ÷ 35 mm², to be used as electrical conductors, electronic shelter screen or as mechanical protection sleeve.


Technical features

  • Tinned Copper Cu-ETP UNI 5649-71
  • Standard wire Ø 0,20
CodeReference∅ Standard wire (mm)CoilWeight∅ Nom. (mm)∅ Max (mm)
TSC 1000TSC 40,2050 m0,03510
TSC 1005TSC 100,2050 m0,061020
TSC 1010TSC 160,2050 m0,202040
TSC 1015TSC 250,2025 m0,272550
TSC 1020TSC 350,2025 m0,343060
TSC 1025TSC 500,2025 m0,413570

* Intensity values referred to room temperature 35°C and max. conductor's temperature 70°C