Din rail cutting tool

Teknomega has developed a Cutting and punching tool for DIN profiles very easy to use. Cuts without burrs or deformation. Support guide for accurate cutting at 90°. 

Din rail cutting tool


  • Symmetrical DIN rails  type "Ω" 15x5,5 - 35x7,5 - 35x15
  • Asymmetrical DIN rail type "G" 32x15

Punching with slotted hole

  • Symmetrical DIN rails  type "Ω" 35x7,5 - 35x15
  • Slotted hole 12x6,4 mm along or perpendicular to the axis of the rail.

Supplied with rule up to 1000 mm.

CodeReferenceWeight (Kg)
UTD 3005UTD-T-P - 0316.5