Insulated copper braided shunts J-LINK

Teknomega unveils the new connection “prêt à porter” with the line, J-LINK.

J-LINK is a tinned copper braided shunt, with self-extinguishing insulation, perforated tinned terminals and characterized by extreme flexibility, impeccable aesthetics, designed for time saving.

The white line characterizes its look.

Insulated copper braided shunts teknomega


  • Extreme flexibility compared to a cable with similar cross-section (Great time savings)
  • No cable to cut to measure
  • Volume reduction inside the panel board.Weight reduction
  • No stripping of cable heads
  • No lug to buy.No crimping needed

Excellent electrical parameters

  • Excellent electrical insulation.
  • Improved contact surface.
  • Improved ampacity at equal cross-sections compared to a cable and/or reduced cross-sections at the same rated current
  • Reduction in heat due to the lack of crimped connections and to higher ampacities
  • Excellent short-circuit resistance


  • Cross-sections: 25 mm² - 35 mm² - 50 mm² - 120 mm²  - 240 mm²
  • Lengths: from 230 mm to 1030 mm
  • Rated ampacity: from 125 A to 630 A

Technical features


  • Self-extinguishing PVC UL 94-V0
  • Fire Class: V0
  • Colour: black
  • Thickness ≈ 2 mm
  • Recyclable

Finished product

  • Dielectric rigidity: 20 kV/mm
  • Rated voltage: 1000 V AC/1500 V DC
  • Working temperature: -40°C to +105°C


  • Tinned electrolytic copper braid Cu-ETP 99.90%
  • Standard wire: 0.20 mm
  • Terminal in tinned copper tube

J-LINK is also:

J-link Plusgiunti in treccia rame stagnato jlink plus

High safety performance with J-LINK PLUS, equipped with halogen free insulation, flame retardant, low smoke emission, hyper flexibility.

J-LINK PLUS is recognizable from the light blue line.


  • TPE compound
  • Halogen free
  • Low smoke
  •  self-extinguishing UL 94-V0 
  • Thickness ≈ 1,8  mm


giunti in treccia rame stagnato jlink plus teknomega

J-link Colorgiunti in treccia rame jlink color teknomega

Upon request, J-LINK becomes J-LINK COLOR, to identify the phases, or to satisfy personal taste as well as corporate aesthetic.

giunti in treccia rame jlink color teknomega



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