Hand tools for flexible bar

In order to make bending, stripping and punching even easier, as well as to make the serial details dimensions more accurate, Teknomega has developed a series of user-friendly hand tools

Hand tools for flexible bar

Application advantages

  • The simplicity of the tools ensures they are safe and easy to use.
  • quick, accurate work, optimization of connection lengths.
  • no need for an external power supply
  • easy to carry out work "on site"
  • easy to fit on a workbench

Hand tool to bend and to twist insulated flexible bars

The tool makes it possible to create the optimal bending angles, even with pre-determined and/or repeated angles. It also allows the user to optimize the connection length as well as the overall dimensions and to twist flexible bar to obtain various planes of connection.

Utensile manuale per la piegatura e la torsione di barre flessibili UBF1015


  • Can be used on flexible bars up to 120x10x1 cross-sections
  • Easy to fit on a workbench
  • Quick flexible bar tightening
  • Goniometer to set the bending angle
  • Blocking for repeated work on the same bending angle
  • No damage to the insulation
  • Little effort required thanks to the lever

hand_tools_for_flexible_copper_bar_coflex_teknomega utensile manuale per la piegatura e la torsione di barre flessibili UBF1015


  • Can be used up to 120x10x1 cross-sections.
  • Allows twisting of the insulated flexible bar without damaging the insulation, to get a change in the plane of connection.


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Hand tool to drill insulated flexible bars

Utensile manuale per la foratura di barre flessibili UBF1010 utensile manuale per la foratura di barre flessibili UBF1010

The drilling tool allows optimal drilling of the terminal destined to the connection, by simply using it with a column or hand drill. The hole is clean, without burr or deformation of the copper laminate, since the laminate package is pressed under a special drilling guide.

  • For holes: Ø 6.5 – Ø 8.5 - Ø 10.5 - Ø 12.5
  • Used to drill one or more holes on the bar.
  • Can be used on laminate ranging from 20mm to 120mm width.
  • Quick dies change for the various hole diameters.
  • Can be used with column or hand drilling tool.
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