Preformed flexible bar and fixing plates

Teknomega  have the capabilities to manufacture    insulated flexible bars bent and punched as per the customer's specific requirements. This is convenient in the event of a ""series"  of production of "standard" electric panel boards and/or equipment.

Insulated copper flexible bar Co-flex

The use of custom preformed insulated flexible bars makes it possible to optimize the wiring time and to eliminate excessive waste material.

Technical Features

  • Material: Stell 140HV 
  • Finishing: Electrogalvanized


  • Constraint of laminate
  • Surface of connection with uniform pressure
  • High strength fixing

Fixing plates for flexible bars

piastre di fissaggio per barre flessibili piastre di fissaggio per barre flessibili

CodeReferencePackingL (mm)H (mm)B (mm)s (mm)d (mm)
PBF1060PBF 3X20-M610202,8251,67
PBF1065PBF 4X20-M810203,8251,69
PBF1090PBF 3X24-M810242,8321,69
PBF1100BF 5X24-M1010244,832211
PBF1125BF 3X32-M1010322,840211
PBF1140BF 6X32-M1210325,840213
PBF1165BF 4X40-M1210403,840213
PBF1180BF 8X40-804407,8802,5 - 
PBF1195BF 4X50-404503,8402 -
PBF1210BF 8X50-804507,8802,5 -
PBF1225BF 4X63-404633,8402,5 -
PBF1240BF 8X63-804637,8803 -
PBF1255BF 4X80-504803,8502,5 - 
PBF1270BF 8X80-1004807,81003 - 

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