Simple support with spacer

For use with insulated flexible bars up to 32x10x1. Possibility to fit up to 4 flexible bars. In polyamide 6/6 reinforced with 30% fiberglass self-extinguishing UL 94-V0 Black colour.

Simple support with spacer


  • Fits easily to the panel board structure by means of screws (not included) inserted at the base of spacer.
  • Accurated and ordered fitting inside the panel board. 
  • Excellent heart dissipation thanks to the spacing between bars 

Ammaraggio semplice con spaziatore a pacchetto Spaziatore a pacchetto DZP3000

Spacer and overlapping support

CodeReferencePackingsect. max Ω FlexH (mm)L (mm)S (mm)ø D (mm)
DZP3000DZP BFX321032 x 10 x 1833847