Insulators in polyamide Ω ISO

This ensure the low voltage barrel insulators Ω ISO series (also called standoff insulators or cylindrical insulators).

Insulators in polyamide Ω ISO

These insulators are made with injection molding technology and supplied in different heights, widths, shapes and sizes to meet the several installation' needs, thanks to a range of additional studs of various lengths, sold separately.

Technical features

  • Polyamide 66 reinforced with 30% fibreglass
  • Halogen Free
  • Self-extinguishing V0- UL94
  • Glow Wire Test 960 °C
  • Color: black

Threaded inserts

  • Galvanized steel

Finished product

  • Rated voltage: 1000 V AC/1500 V DC
  • Working temperature: -40÷130 °C


Isolatori in poliammide ISO

Products code - Insulators in polyamide