Fiberglass braided sleeve

Tubular conduit for wiring made of glass fibre woven filament. Used to ensure high strength and protection for electrical cables in  presence of high operating temperatures, the fibreglass Sleeve is non-combustible and provides good resistance to abrasion and chemicals.


Technical features

  • Black Colour
  • Fibreglass impregnated with silicon varnish
  • Working temperature 200 °C
  • Max. working temperature 300 °C
  • Good flexibility
  • Resistant to most chemical agents
  • Packaging: coil
Code ReferenceCoils (m)∅ Nom. (mm)
GFV 1000 GFV 04100 m4
GFV 1005 GFV 06100 m6
GFV 1010 GFV 08100 m8
GFV 1015GFV 10100 m10
GFV 1020GFV 12100 m12
GFV 1025   GFV 1650 m16
GFV 1030GFV 2050 m 20