Polyester braided sleeve V2 UL

Tubular braided sleeve in polyester mono-filament for electrical cables wiring certified UL CSA RoHS.The Teknomega's polyester sleeve is halogen-free and provides excellent resistance to abrasion and chemicals, with high mechanical protection of conductor.

Polyester braided sleeve V2 UL

Technical features

  • Colour: grey or black
  • RoHS compliant
  • Mono-filament in Polyester
  • Halogen Free
  • Dyameter 0,22 mm
  • Density: 1,14 kg/dm3
  • Working Temperature from -50 °C to +150 °C
  • Melting Temperature 230 ±5 °C
  • Self-extinguishing as per UL 94-V2
  • Flame retardant
  • Packaging: coil in cardboard box.

Polyester braided sheath V2 UL - grey colour

CodeReferenceCoil (m)∅ Nom. (mm)
GPG 2001GPG 04G100 m4
GPG 2000GPG 06G100 m6
GPG 2005GPG 08G100 m8
GPG 2010GPG 10G100 m10
GPG 2015GPG 12G50 m12
GPG 2020GPG 15G50 m15
GPG 2025GPG 20G50 m20
GPG 2029GPG 35G50 m25
GPG 2030GPG 30G50 m30
GPG 2034GPG 35G50 m35
GPG 2035GPG 40G50 m40
GPG 2040GPG 50G50 m50
GPG 2045GPG 64G25 m64

Polyester braided sheath V2 UL - black  colour

CodeReferenceCoil (m)∅ Nom (mm)
GPN 2001GPN 04N100 m4
GPN 2000GPN 06N100 m6
GPN 2005GPN 08N100 m8
GPN 2010GPN 10N100 m10
GPN 2015GPN 12N50 m12
GPN 2020GPN 15N50 m15
GPN 2025GPN 20N50 m20
GPN 2029GPN 25N50 m25
GPN 2030GPN 30N50 m30
GPN 2034GPN 35N50 m35
GPN 2035GPN 40N50 m40
GPN 2040GPN 50N50 m50
GPN 2045GPN 64N25 m64
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Braided sleeve cutting tool
Utensili taglio guaine trecciate

Teknomega offers two models of tools for cutting braided sheath: a unique quick and clean operation for cutting and welding the strands of braided polyester sheath.