Silicon wiring sleeves

Silicone sleeves for electrical cabled wiring when an excellent electric insulation plus resistance to high working temperature are needed. Made of silicone impregnated and/or coated with fibreglass, the silicone sleeve is a conduit for electrical wiring with discrete characteristics of expandability.

Silicon wiring sleeves

Technical features

  • Red Colour
  • Silicone + internal fibreglass reinforcement
  • Rated voltage 500 V
  • Dielectric rigidity 2500 V / mm
  • Working Temperature from -60°C to +200 °C
  • Max. working temperature for 1 second +280 °C
  • Good expandability and elasticity
  • Packaging: coil with transparent film

Silicone Sleeves - Red colour

Code ReferenceCoils (m)∅ Nom. (mm)
GSL1000GSL 04100 m4
GSL1005 GSL 06100 m6
GSL1010  GSL 08100 m8
GSL1015GSL 10100 m10
GSL1020 GSL 12100 m12
GSL1025GSL 16 50 m 16
GSL1030GSL 2050 m20
GSL1035GSL 2450 m24
GSL1040GSL 3050 m30

Dielectric rigidity up to 15.000 V on request.