Catenary system for industrial fixings

When anchor points are not available, TEKNOMEGA's catenary systems is the solution for your suspensions.

Our system is suitable to all industrial installations, both permanent indoor and temporary outdoor applications, such as: lightings, Christmas lights and advertising banners.

Catenary system for industrial fixings - teknomega

Our catenary system allows to connect two fixed points (lateral walls or metal beams) thanks to a cable secured at both ends with dedicated locking devices.

Teknomega's catenary system grants a huge time saving with respect to traditional methods such as profiles and brackets.

Catenary systems for industrial installation

Which items do you need?

1.Metallic cable and locking device

To connect two fixed points, our metallic cable should be used together with its locking device. Cable will be tightened up with a specific professional tool.

Yellow range up to 30kg - Wire Ø 3 (mm)

CodeReferencePackagingL (m)CL (kg)
Locking device for Yellow range 
ZCT3030KL150PK10Standard locking device120
ZCT3050KL150LOK10Locking device with fixing screws120

Purple range up to 75kg - Wire Ø 3/16"

CodeReferencePackagingL (m)CL (kg)
Locking device for Purple range 
ZCT3035KL200PK10Standard locking device230
ZCT3055KL200LOK10Locking device with fixing screws230

Nectarine range up to 100kg - Wire Ø 1/4"

CodeReferencePackagingL (m)CL (kg)
Locking device for Nectarine range 
ZCT3018KL60010Standard locking device500
ZCT3060KL600LOK10Locking device with fixing screws500

The maximum workload shown in our tables considers a 5:1 safety factor

For suspensions in case of ripples or vibrations, the use of clamps with locking screws is recommended. Codes in the tables above. Image here below.

Locking device with fixing screws - teknomega

2.Suspension cables for catenary system

suspension wire fo catenary systems - teknomega assembling instruction for suspension wires for catenary systems- teknomega

Our dedicate range of suspension wires allows a vertical hanging from the catenary cable.

To be used with Yellow and Purple range cable


To be used with Nectarine range cable


No way to make a loop with the cable around the beam?

We have the solution: our KIT for metal beam fixing

kit for assembling metal beam fixing - teknomegaassembling diagram for kit for metal beam fixing - teknomega

ZCT2500KIT-FSG-TR1E8 ÷1624

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