Co-flex: Three years of great success

It was 2016 when we began the research and development process for a new insulated flexible bar that offered a breakthrough with what was already available on the market.

In order to reach its goals, Teknomega has as always listened to the panel builders' voice, taking in their suggestions. A process that raised the bar higher and higher, and strongly pushed our whole team. This challenge has led, for example, to a solid research for the most performing insulating compounds on the market.

Co-flex anniversary

In the meantime, Teknomega faced the engineering process of the new line of production, in team with one of the leading manufacturers, with the only goal of achieving a product that could meet all expectations. Thanks to such great team work, we conceived Co-flex, the flexible bar with the iconic white line.

The go-live of Co-flex on the market was in October 2018 and we could see the results of our hard work from the start. In fact, Co-flex has been widely appreciated by both the domestic and the overseas markets.

A few months later it was time for the launch of Co-flex Plus whose halogen-free insulation and tinned copper make them stand out. In the words of Maurizio Mercandelli, CEO of Teknomega: "We are proud to say that Teknomega is able to provide the market with a comprehensive range of flexible bars that meet the many demands of all sectors, even those that require the highest standards."

The dedication of our research and development team, even pushed for the creation of a compact, custom-made packaging, which protects the product throughout the logistic process; and to the white line in the Co-flex and blue the in Co-flex Plus that can be made, upon request, also in different colours either to characterize the phases or to show the corporate colours.

Last but not least, Teknomega and Co-flex bars can perfectly meet the growing demand for preformed bars even in the most demanding designs.

"Co-flex was at the same time a difficult and fascinating challenge that brought Teknomega to a higher level of competitiveness. The results are rewarding and have given us more confidence to face our present and future challenges", says Maurizio Mercandelli, CEO of Teknomega.


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