Software for the selection of products of panel board division

With Ω WARE Software you can easily select the right products for your panel, saving time and reducing risks of mistakes. Download it for free!


 Immediate and intuitive, Ω WARE will guide you in the selection of products, saving you time and avoiding errors.

Get it for free filling in the form in the Download area.



  • Calculation of eltrical parameters and installation distances
  • Assistance for the products selection
  • Dimensioning (distribution blocks, bar supports, insulators)


  • Overview of the prices
  • Composition of the products list
  • Comparing the alternative solutions


  • Consultation of the data sheet

System requirements

  • Compatible with Windows XP-7-8 operating system  (no Apple system)
  • Disk space: approximately 200MB


Software OmegaWare

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