Fast kit DAP for Strut profiles

Pre-assembled nuts kit and flat steel brackets with plastic insert. The Fast kit for profiles makes easy and quick the fastening on Strut profiles 41x41 e 41x21 with a thickness of 1,5 mm and 2,5 mm.


Dadi a fissaggio rapido per profilo strut zincatura elettrolitica DAP1060 Dadi fissaggio rapido per profilo strut

CodeReferencePackingFMNh (mm)CM (kg)
DAP1060 DAP-FK8100EM8  600
DAP1065 DAP-FK10100EM10 950
DAP1070 DAP-FK12100EM12 1000
DAP1075 DAP-FK-M8x40100EM8x4013600
DAP1090 DAP-FK-M10x60100EM10x6031950

Nut and flat steel bracket in electrogalvanized steel with plastic insert pre-assembled in a kit. 

Example of assembling