Steel suspension cables Ω Zip

For many years the traditional method of suspending has always been with Chain or threaded rod, both of which are slow to install and unsightly when installed, Teknomega have recognized an opportunity and have introduced a new generation of Wire Suspension systems.

Steel suspension cables Ω Zip

The pre-cut wire Ω ZIP is available with various type of terminations:

  • loop lock for Purlin Applications
  • anchor lock
  • ring for Concrete applications
  • wall plug
  • carabiner hook.

To adjust the system each kit is supplied with a locking device which is manufactured from a high quality Zinc Alloy casting, The Locking device has two wedges inside the casting which are manufactured from oil impregnated sintered metal. The wedges are designed to offer the best locking solution.

By using two wedges rather than one, the system allows for greater flexibility, by following the arrows embossed on the clip the system can be adjusted easily by using a fine height adjusting pin located on both sides of the clip. Simply pass one end of the wire through the clip, around your service and back through the clip, the system is now secure and can be adjusted to your desired height.